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The information below explains how to limit your participation in the study.

Request to be present during Bldg 90 inventory

If you would like to be present for the inventory of a space, click here. You will need to login with your LDAP username and password, and we will record this information to ensure we can follow up.

Request to be present during meter installation, removal or to limit meter installation

!! If you have not been notified that we plan to meter your devices, then you do not need to make a request to limit your participation !!

If we did notify you, you can limit participation by using the boxes available on the form. You can request to be present or choose not to participate by checking the appropriate box and signing the notification form. Leave the form in a visible place in your workspace on the scheduled evening of meter installation.

Request to discontinue metering in Building 90

If you would like to discontinue the metering of devices in your workspace, please click here